Our Services
We perform service,regular and general repairs of hydraulic press machines
We perform also complete installation of new press machines directly at a customer´s place.
We provide work related to an accident of the production equipment.
We provide production and installation of technological equipment.
We have built our own spraying and varnishing booth heated by YOKI STAR YS-30.
We provide pressing by nitrogen in size D 800 mm a length 1000 mm.
Works performed on conventional lathe and milling machines.
We provide electrical hardware works for technological devices.
Professionalism in assembly of line technologies, press machines and transport systems.
We perform bending and cutting of metal plates with thickness up to 6 mm and length up to 3000 mm.
We perform an industrial degreasing of parts of the machines and devices.
We own the handling equipment for working with heavy loads.
About our company

Ever since it´s founding,SOMPRA,Ltd. focuses mainly on the devices providing technologies in the rubber industry- in the sector of pressing, automobile industry and power industry. In case of a special work order we cooperate with production and technical companies. Under the terms of our intern politics we prefer made-to-order storage of materials.

  • Service and repairs of press machines
  • Installation of new press machines
  • Expeditious maintenance
  • Production of technological devices for rubber industry
  • The list of our other services to see in the section Services
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